Scent of Art

About This Project

Local art force STUDIO 83 bringing Hong Kong and overseas talents together for a good causeThe “SCENT of art”, a charity painting exhibition curated by STUDIO 83, will unveil a whole new experience of exploring art by blending artists’ strokes with sensual fragrances.
The exhibition will feature around 40 paintings includes five emerging artists in the contemporary art scene: Keiichi Misaki from Japan, Theo Marmolejo from Ecuador, and three Hong Kong artists Leon Lollipop, Charles Hui and Herman Wong. Divided into five zones, the exhibition will present a unique scent for each zone: morning grass for “land”, sandy beach for “ocean”, woman’s scent for “sensual”, wood aroma for “woody”, and candy scent for “fun”. This exotic journey is designed by ScentAir to engage audience with the sense of smell.More than five senses, STUDIO 83 collaborates with Children’s Cancer Foundation to express love and care for children who suffer from cancer. Part of the sales proceeds will benefit the Foundation to support their work in hospitals, in the community, and most importantly, the daily needs of cancer patients and their families. The painting of “Hope”, created by a group of children survivors, will also be exhibited to complete all senses with love.

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Children's Cancer Foundation


Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

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