Embrace, Taipei

This exhibition was held in 2022 at Taipei. We invited 50 artists to present their artwork based on the theme “Embrace”, more than 500 guests have attended the exhibition.The artworks were exhibited in various mixed media.The exhibition received great responses from the public and was highly praised by critics.

Evolution, Hong Kong

This exhibition is a continuation of our previous exhibitions. The theory of evolution is based on the idea that we, or our work would gradually change over time. Being an artist, there are characteristics about their artwork that speak to the audiences about who they are. But some of these characteristics might change or evolve over time, and that is the concept of this exhibition. We invited 50 artists to pick one of their old art works, inspire by that and to create a new piece. The new piece not only will show the evolvement of the artist’s skill, but also the concept and idea behind him/her making the new piece, how has it been affected and changed over the time and experience he/she has gained

True Beauty, Hong Kong

Studio 83 is delighted to announce “True Beauty”, a fundraising exhibition in collaboration with Galerie Huit, to benefit the Changing Young Lives Foundation.By over 50 pieces of 2D and 3D artworks, the “True Beauty” exhibition lights up theinner soul of true beauty perceived by artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and also well known graffiti artist from France (Daco) through their artworks. The series depicts individual artists’ version of the inner soul of beauty; stimulating our thoughts on “What is the real meaning of beauty?” While beauty is subjective, artists inspire and communicate their vision through artworks to viewers. We would like to express our deep gratitude for the support of our exhibition partner, Aesop, who aligns with us on these principles of art.

Scent of Art, Hong Kong

Local art force STUDIO 83 bringing Hong Kong and overseas talents together for a good causeThe “SCENT of art”, a charity painting exhibition curated by STUDIO 83, will unveil a whole new experience of exploring art by blending artists’ strokes with sensual fragrances.

The exhibition will feature around 40 paintings includes five emerging artists in the contemporary art scene: Keiichi Misaki from Japan, Theo Marmolejo from Ecuador, and three Hong Kong artists Leon Lollipop, Charles Hui and Herman Wong. Divided into five zones, the exhibition will present a unique scent for each zone: morning grass for “land”, sandy beach for “ocean”, woman’s scent for “sensual”, wood aroma for “woody”, and candy scent for “fun”. This exotic journey is designed by ScentAir to engage audience with the sense of smell.More than five senses, STUDIO 83 collaborates with Children’s Cancer Foundation to express love and care for children who suffer from cancer. Part of the sales proceeds will benefit the Foundation to support their work in hospitals, in the community, and most importantly, the daily needs of cancer patients and their families. The painting of “Hope”, created by a group of children survivors, will also be exhibited to complete all senses with love.

The Music of Art, Taipei

Organized by Studio 83, “The Music of Art” was held from Jan 10-25 at Exhibition Space at Eslite Dongnan Store , the exhibition was sponsored by KKBOX, looking through the fusion of music and painting, to bring both the creator, and the viewer an extradionary exhibition experience. In this exhibition, the artist choose a song to represent their paintings, through music, artists share the stories behind the creation of the artpiece. Special thanks to KKBOX who helped to create a playlist on their platform, so that audience can play the song with their phone, which makes art no longer just a visual experience, but an overall sensory experience. The exhibition invited 50 artists from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Ecuador.
In addition, part of the proceed has been donated to the HOPE Foundation of Cancer Care in Taiwan, to support the organization charity works for cancer patients and their families.

Dreamers, Hong Kong

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” by Vincent van Gogh. Painting is about fantasy, it is something lining in between reality and dream. During the process of creating an artwork, it is like creating our own dream in a more controlled way. It convey different kinds of emotion: sometimes sweet and happy, sometimes bitter and dark; sometimes clear, sometimes vague. When you are truly committed to a piece of artwork of your own, you enter into a totally different zone, and paint your dream.
To celebrate our studio’s 4th anniversary, we have invited 17 of our female students to showcase some of their best work throughout the years. All these ladies are with different backgrounds from different professions.
The exhibition will be held at the Culture Club Gallery, Soho, Central, from Nov 5 to 19. These special ladies will therefore share their dreams and their point of view of being a successful woman, through their paintings. 20% of the revenue from the sold artwork will be donated to Cancer Fund Pink Revolution to support Patients who suffer from breast cancer.