Let your imagination run wild as you create beautiful works of art on the canvas

Are you looking for a way to express your inner artist? With paintingDIY art jam, you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity onto the canvas. No rules, no judgement – just let your artistic sense guide you. Get ready to explore a new world of painting and have fun in the process! Book now.


hk$55o FOR 2 PERSON

Maximum 4 quotas are available per hour.

Get ready to explore a new world of painting!

3 hours per session

Come and relax in our artistic and modern studio located in the heart of Hong Kong’s metropolis.

Various canvas sizes

Our range of canvas sizes is designed to accommodate a variety of painting requirements..

Free usage of Gold Foil and Quartz Sand

A perfect additive to create texture effect for your artwork.

Our Studios


New Upgraded Service: Unlimited usage of Gold/Silver/Rose Gold Foils & Quartz Sand to create special texture effects

Canvas price already includes 3 hours of unlimited usage of acrylic paint, gold foil and quartz sand.

Canvas SizePrice per person
30 x 40cmHK$350
40 x 40cmHK$380
40 x 50cmHK$400
50 x 50cmHK$420
50 x 60cmHK$450
40 x 80cmHK$480
50 x 70cmHK$480
60 x 80cmHK$550
DayOpening Hours
Monday to Friday11am-9pmAny 3 hours
Saturday10:30am-7pmAny 3 hours
Sunday10:30am-7pmAny 3 hours
Mon - Fri Happy Hour Offer
HK$300 for 1 pax

2 Person Special Offer

Central - Mon- Fri 
HK$550 for 2 pax

Central - Sat 4pm-7pm
HK$550 for 2 pax

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