Group Kid Painting Course

Kid Art

  • Experiment with different Mediums
  • Develop an understanding of color theory and mixing techniques
  • Develops creativity
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Suitable for aged 6 – 12
Build their confidence and explore their artistic abilities,

Create • ME is a unique Kids Art Program designed by Studio 83 that harnesses the power of creativity to inspire and equip children for an all-rounded development. We believe that everyone has an unlimited potential and we strive to provide the materials and knowledge necessary to unleash that potential. Through a variety of art activities, kids can build their confidence, explore their artistic abilities, develop their creativity and become independent thinkers. At, one of our most important core values is to encourage kids to paint what truly inspires them, and to nurture essential art skills as they progress. We believe that this kind of creative freedom is essential for fostering a genuine love of art in children, and providing them with the tools to develop their own unique style.Join us now and let us help you create the best version of ME.

Our Studio


Every child is an artist. ”

HK$200 First-Time Trial

Unlock Your Child’s Potential Now – Join Our Kid Art Course for Only HK$200 – First Time Trial Offer!

Paint What They Like

Encourage kids to paint what truly inspires them, and to nurture essential art skills as they progress

Suitable for Beginner to Advanced Level

Unlock the Joy of art – Learn oil, acrylic, watercolor or even digital drawing at their own pace with guidance from our art Coach

Flexible Schedules

You can attend any of the below class schedules and you are not required to attend lessons every week

Free Artworks Storage

You can keep your sketching or drawing at our studio within the package validity

Loyalty Program

Enjoy up to 20% discount whenever you attend 1 group lesson and get 1 attendance Point. Read More Here

No. of LessonsCourse FeeValidity
4HK$1,2003 Months
8HK$2,2004 Months
12HK$3,0006 Months
16HK$3,8008 Months

Begin your artistic journey now!