Studio 83

“Redefining Art Since 2008”

Established in 2008 by Charles Hui and Desmond Fung, Studio 83 has grown into a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation, extending its reach into a multitude of art-related arenas while preserving its foundational commitment to art, design, and culture. Having made a significant impact in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai, we have spent the last 15 years not only democratizing art through a vast array of courses and events but also reshaping the role of art across multiple sectors.

Our distinctive initiative, Bond 83, embodies this pioneering approach. Conceived to incorporate the quintessence of art into corporate training and branding endeavors, Boond 83 has resonated strongly with a host of multinational corporations, showcasing our proficiency in synergizing the realms of art and business.

In addition to our educational and corporate ventures, we have extended our reach into the gallery space through our online platform, VZOW. Far beyond a traditional digital gallery, VZOW stands as a mission-driven platform dedicated to uplifting emerging artists and offering them pivotal exposure. By cultivating an accessible space for art enthusiasts to explore and acquire unique, high-quality artworks, VZOW not only magnifies the reach and impact of art but also actively fuels the progression of promising artists’ careers.

At Studio 83, we strongly believe in the transformative power of art and its capacity to drive societal change. This conviction has inspired us to collaborate with organizations such as the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Taiwan’s Hope Foundation, and the Children Are Us Foundation, jointly initiating a multitude of charitable art activities. We have also embarked on a three-year collaboration with the Changing Young Lives Foundation in Hong Kong, bringing the power of art to schools in the mountainous regions of Gansu Province, China, illuminating the lives of many with the glow of art. This project has allowed us to reach a broader and more diverse population. With our modest efforts, we aspire to bring assistance to those in need around the world.

Furthermore, we have launched the Beyond Future Art Prize, a global initiative dedicated to nurturing emerging artists who incorporate environmental and sustainable themes in their work. The prize not only offers these artists a platform for recognition but also bestows a substantial cash prize, fortifying our commitment to supporting the global artistic community.

Guided by the visionary foresight of our team, Studio 83 continues to push the boundaries of what art can be. From our educational programs and corporate training services to our online gallery and art prize, we are ceaselessly discovering innovative ways to intertwine art, design, culture, and life.

For more information, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or reach out to us directly. Welcome to Studio 83—where we’re continuously reimagining the realm of art, one brushstroke at a time.

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Our Brands


Bond 83 is the initiative by art education pioneer Studio 83, we have designed art-based activities for different multinational companies and brands, bringing arts-based thinking into corporate training and branding activities, and redefining art in business level.


VZOW is an online space dedicated to offering high-quality and unique artworks for sale, When choosing to buy artworks at VZOW, you choose to enter into an art-loving community that appreciates a wealth of artistic styles that is brought to life with original artwork, custom made art pieces, and high-end prints.

Beyond Future Art Prize

The Prize encourages entries from artists around the world who have a keen interest and focus on the environment, sustainable living and climate change in their work. We aim to reveal and promote talented artists to be noticed by the general public and business partners in the contemporary art. The winner of 2022 prize received HK$25,000 cash award.

Meet Our Team

Charles Hui
Desmond Fung
Bevis Leung
Vince Li
Leon Lai
Cyrus Ng
Haymond Leung
Anna Siu
Chiwan Po
Wingyi Ng
Carlie Chan