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  • What are the payment methods ?

    Credit cards ( Visa/Master, Union pay, AE), Payme and Cash are accepted.

  • Do I need to book in advance ?

    Yes, booking at least 24 hours before the class would be recommended.

  • What is the class size of adults group painting courses?
  • I have never taken art classes before but have always been keen to do so. Are your classes suitable for complete beginners?

    Our courses are suitable for all levels. It is designed to give students a thorough introduction to the craft of drawing and painting. Instruction is given through individual instruction and demonstrations according to your  progress. Students are also encouraged to observe peers and learn from those around them. We also suggest you to join a one-off trial lesson to have a first hand experience in this case.

  • Should I follow one coach only ?
  • What is the syllabus of the group painting courses or can I customize it?

    There are no subject restrictions for group painting classes. Each student can decide their own topics or themes of the paintings.The studio will provide different photos for students to choose as reference. You also can send us photos and we will print them on the spot.

  • How many canvases are included in the package?
  • What are the age requirements to register for a class?

    Our classes are for teenagers/adults ages 13+. We offer kid classes also on weekends and those classes are listed in our “children painting course” section.

  • Can I share my package with others ?

    Packages are only for personal use and cannot be shared with others. We also offer an Art Pass gift voucher on the Studio 83 page.

  • Can I cancel after I made a booking? Would there be any penalty?

    You can cancel the booking 24 hours prior to the class without any penalty, otherwise the lesson credit may be deducted.

  • Do I need to follow the same class every week on a fixed schedule ?

    No, it is not necessary. You can attend any class in the schedule that we are available and you are not required to attend the same lesson every week.

  • Is the valid date counting from the day I attend the first lesson ?
  • Can I extend my validity ?

    The valid date is counted from the day you purchase the pass. You could also pay an extension fee after the expiry date to extend your package validity. The fee as follows :

    • $200/1month
    • $300/2months
    • $500/3months
  • Are there any discounts?

    You can enjoy a 5% discount for the Art Pass / Group Lesson package by paying online. Besides, on the first day when you attend the class, you will become a member automatically. Each time you attend the group course, you can earn one attendance point. When the points reach the specified level, you can enjoy discounts in purchasing packages and be able to get members’ Gift. For more details, please visit the “LOYALTY PROGRAM” section.

  • Do I need to pay to register with you?

    You can make the booking first without paying. However you can pay online at our website to enjoy a 5% discount(enter the code at checkout).

  • What is your return or refund policy?

    You cannot refund unless beyond the reasonable control of either party in case any refund occurs. 10% of administration fee will be charged if customer packages have not yet started using the package and within 7 days of package purchase date.  3% of extra credit card service charge will be deducted if customer has paid in credit card. If a package has been used, 50% of the package amount will be refunded after deducting the session already used. If the package is expired, no refund can be made.

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