Animal Portrait Masterclass

  • Animal accurate proportions
  • Techniques for creating realistic textures
  • Composition and storytelling through portraits
  • Color theory and character infusion
  • Portfolio development and showcasing your work

Animal Portrait Masterclass is a comprehensive program that enhances your skills in capturing the beauty and essence of animals through art. Whether you’re an artist seeking to refine your techniques or a beginner eager to explore animal portraiture, or you are simply a pet lover, this course will elevate your skills and broaden your artistic horizons.

You can choose to learn with either one of the below medium:

Oil Paint/ Acrylic Paint / Pencil / Digital Painting*

*Please prepare your own iPad/tablet and touch pen for digital painting

This masterclass will be conducted at Studio 83 Central

‘From sketch to spirit, breathe life into your animal portraits’

Wing Yi


Wingyi, your coach for the Animal Portrait Masterclass, is a skilled artist with a passion for animal portraiture. With her professional experience and approachable teaching style, she makes learning art techniques enjoyable and accessible to all levels. Under Wingyi’s guidance, you’ll gain both the skills in animal portraiture and a deeper appreciation for our animal companions.”

4 Lessons HK$1,800

Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the convenience of booking your 4 lessons anytime within a three-month period.

Every Friday 7-9pm

Tap into your creativity and discover the joy of animal portraiture

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