1 or 5 Day Pass

  • Eligible to attend all types of courses
  • Enjoy full day art experience
  • Includes all materials
  • Suitable for aged 12 or above
Take a journey through the world of art.

At a tense pace, you may be living in a state of stress without realizing it. However, art is another way of expressing emotions. Let us relax and express your mood by creating art. Studio83 is now offering Art Pass, allowing you to enjoy a full day of healing. Our Art Pass allows you to access all types of courses offered in Studio 83.

Our Art Pass allows you to access all types of courses offered in Studio 83. We offer a 1-Day Art Pass or 5-Day Art Pass according to your needs. Enjoy and relax during your ART-cation here.

Access to All Courses

You can book any type of course at Studio 83 at any time from Monday to Friday.

All-Inclusive Rate

Our prices include all materials, with no hidden fees. You can choose one canvas up to 60x80cm canvas and you can use our acrylic, oil or watercolour paints for free.

Co-art Space

Apart from normal course lessons time, you can stay behind to continue your art creation, from 11am to 9pm.

Our Studios


Monday – Friday11am – 9pm
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You can start your Art Pass on any day in the week, but still, the Art Pass will not be valid to use on Sat and Sun. You can resume your remaining valid day in the week after.
Type of Art PassPrice per personValidity
1-Day HK$4501 Day
5-Day HK$2,0005 Day

Start you Art-cation today!