Social Responsibility

In addition to promote art development, Studio 83 have been making efforts to be a responsible company to our society


Beneficiary : Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Studio 83 held ‘Dreamers’ exhibition to raise money for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, the purpose of this exhibition is to help improve the lives of cancer patients and their families. In the following year, we also sponsor their fundraising marathon, hoping to bring up the community’s concern for cancer patients.

2014 Scent of Art

Beneficiary : Children’s Cancer Foundation

Studio 83 co-organized “Scent of Art” exhibition With Children’s Cancer Foundation, aims to help to raise fund for the foundation, besides that, our tutors also visit the community centre of the foundation and teach those cancer rehabilitated children’s to create a painting for display at the exhibition.

2015 The Music of Art

Beneficiary : HOPE Foundation of Cancer Care

Organized by Studio 83, “The Music of Art” was held from Jan 10-25 at Exhibition Space at Eslite Dongnan Store , the exhibition was sponsored by KKBOX, looking through the fusion of music and painting, to bring both the creator, and the viewer an extradionary exhibition experience.