About This Project

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” by Vincent van Gogh. Painting is about fantasy, it is something lining in between reality and dream. During the process of creating an artwork, it is like creating our own dream in a more controlled way. It convey different kinds of emotion: sometimes sweet and happy, sometimes bitter and dark; sometimes clear, sometimes vague. When you are truly committed to a piece of artwork of your own, you enter into a totally different zone, and paint your dream.

To celebrate our studio’s 4th anniversary, we have invited 17 of our female students to showcase some of their best work throughout the years. All these ladies are with different backgrounds from different professions.

The exhibition will be held at the Culture Club Gallery, Soho, Central, from Nov 5 to 19. These special ladies will therefore share their dreams and their point of view of being a successful woman, through their paintings. 20% of the revenue from the sold artwork will be donated to Cancer Fund Pink Revolution to support Patients who suffer from breast cancer.

Charity Beneficiary


Hong Kong Cultural Club

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